Lady Blog

London !  what a ball with balls . Special thanks to the generous Jonny Woo for putting us up, having beautiful long legs and an enlightening performance and thanks to  the Macbeth for it’s transformation from me local pub to a proper venue- & the Sharp Shock night.  ! I loved the crowd and the performances by the sexidelic Geo Black Peter ( who also designed the invite) , Shane Shane ( “who’s butt is no longer a homeless shelter”, the gazelle-like Colin Self, the wonderful band of Alexander Geist , legendary Lavinia, Thanasis Petroyiannis , Earl Dax ( who dosn’t pay performers but says he will)   and several others whom i missed while putting together my set! the after hours turned into somewhat of a rotten karaoke because  I had to teach the ADD youth what a chord change was -they had a hard time  understanding basic music theory and to wait for the “ah moment” ( chord change). other than that, everything was sunshine. shame I had to get back to nyc the next day. London- bring me back sooner next time!  -lady kier