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Last time I deejayed with KIM ANN FOXMAN I had a ball. We were in barcelona at Sylvia Prada’s club it was a  DISCO DEMOLITION FORCE . We had fun running around the streets of barcelona before the party. here are some clips. I’m looking forward to spinning with her again tomorrow night.

One of my heros is ARI UP  from the Slits . When i was a wreckless  ignorant youth I stole this record CUTfrom a friend . I still feel guilty and surprised that I would steal from a friend.  (sorry jennifer Miller- it was me  )  But I had to have it.  Her band was refreshing  with its pioneering fusion of dub bass , funk ,punk, and human empowering lyrics.

set times tomorro for HAITI’S LADIES      benefit for Doctors without Borders

11-11:45 Aleix and Ilirjana (punky reggae set together)

11:45- 12:30 Allison

12:30-1:15 Ari

1:15-2 Kier

2-2:45 Kim Ann

2:45-4  Dirty Jean