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Last nite, a short walk from my new apt in Flatbush @ Wingate Park : Mon. Free shows.  The Ohio Players ( I rep Youngstown  ) played Sweet Sticky thing,Rollercoaster “say what” , Fire , and the Funky Worm come  out  her hole  ) then  P-funk  hit hard with a banging! George Clinton teared thru  2 hours of pure funk.  Bolita Woods, Steve Boyd,Kendra Foster, Kim Manning and all the singers channelled Garry somehow in the most beautiful way . The band was tight and made a  beautiful grey night seem clear and sunny  .They held off the rains under  2 smokestacks  until after their show as if the raindancing they caused brought it on  . Dwayne mixed the h out of the orchestra   and from the back of the Windgate racetrack - we were all  dancing.  Salt n pepper will be there next monday night.  

photos by lady kier except  the ones with me in them…duh