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Last Night at the Obama 2012 campaign launch at the Apollo ,  I had the pleasure to be seated next to Charles Rangel , the House of representatives most senior member who was an adamant opponent of George w .Bush and co & of the Iraq war, and put forth proposals to reinstate the draft in the 2000’s  after  earning  a Purple heart & a Bronze Star  for his service in the Korean War. In January 2007, Rangel became Chair of the powerful House  Ways and Means Committee, the first African American to do so, but stepped aside in 2008 when accused of failure to comply with tax laws ,however I never believed this should over shadow his great work for Civil Rights and for campaigning for the reduction of jail sentences for petty drug crimes pointing out the injustices of time for crack vrs. time for cocaine… He is also a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus.  Known for his blunt speaking; he has long been outspoken about his views, never left Harlem, and has been arrested several times as part of political demonstrations . for more info about this legendary Democrat go to:

When Al Green hit the stage  my heart began pounding because to me, he’s written the greatest love songs ever. I’ve seen him 5 times and his voice is stronger now than 20 years ago. I love his sense of humor that comes across in his cooky stage presence. he’s both sexy and humble at once- rare for a star, His memphis band and dancers were tite and the sound was mixed to perfection by my chum Al Davis! 

Afterwards we met outspoken legend and comedian  Paul Mooney ( he  wrote for Richard Pryor ,In living Color, Dave Chapelle, among others) , watch these incredible documentary: Know Your History , Analyzing White America

Obama made a great speech reminding us just how much he’s accomplished in just 3 years.Of course I hate the NDAA but as several senators are approaching him with a new bill to overturn that- I have hope again. Anyone that wants to be reminded of how far Obama has dragged us out of the ditches that bush shoved us into needs to read this:

Thanks Al Davis for pulling this together!