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landing in Moscow on the day of the 100,000 + peaceful demonstration against vote rigging was a thrill & huge uplift. Since I was scheduled for a press conference before my performance , i was happy to congradulate and encourage the people who came out on the coldest snowiest day of the year to let Vladimere Putin know they believe the Dec 4th elections were rigged. I was able to remind them what happened to our country & therfor the entire global economy failing the poor due to Bush STEALING 2 elections  ( Bush , and his father along with Bill Clinton deregulated the laws  protecting us from Banksters passed after the last great U.S. depression of 1929 to protect us 99% ) and then Bush  used propaghanda to make our demonstrations against his illegal invasion of Iran invisable in the lamestream press . ” You must pay attention to who’s counting the votes- that’s the only way we were able to get Obama in office- because after 2 rigged/ stolen U.S. elections, people woke up and paid attention and made sure their votes were counted - some  of us brought video cameras to record our democracy awarely.- what a great  demonstration to witness and it made my X-mas unforgettable-Viva la power of the people -  Lady Kier