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I’ve loved his twisted and devine movies where people stand up to the power like the catholic inquisition in The Devils, or where artists stay on the rocky roads of their devoted creative lives, such as Savage Messiah,  or ham it up elf style in The Boyfriend, or roll around in millions of baked beans in Tommy !  We lost Ken Russell- one of Brittish cinema’s most underrated directors.HE WAS 83. rewatch or discover : Whore ( this worst in my opinion ) ,The Fall of the Louse of Usher, A Kitten for Hitler , Boudica,Women in Love, Elgar, Song of Summer, The Music Lovers,Mahler, Lisztomania, Altered States, Crimes of Passion. he has some real bad films  but remember “‘Time kills all critics’- from Lisztomania- Lady Kier