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I’ve been fascinated with abandoned buildings since I first drove through Wash Dc as a kid with my mom……studying every detail and relating to  abandonment . it must have been after the riots. here are some pics and two documentaries about abandoned cities :

I hope others share my interest because bankrupt cities and towns in the U.S. are popping up, or should i say shutting down , at an alarming rate. several photos I posted are  from my hometown- the rustbelt city of Youngstown, Ohio ,abandoned by the steel workers when the mills shut down to make steel car parts overseas. What really lifts me in spight of it all, is how fast mother nature swoops in to takeover. her roots and vines are powerful enough to wrap around bricks and cause them to tumble to the ground like an anaconda . Just think….there are over 1000 pyramids in the abandoned cities of the maya in the Yuacatan and now they look like green leafy  mountains in the jungle …..just in one straight line. Like me….mother nature usually has the last word! ha!  -lady miss Kier