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 it’s true -  a lot of disco did “suck”, just like any genre  , but this “forever dancing” =forever cheesy = forever entertaining=i forever limping  ! ( I like to post cheesy videos but please don’t think as a dj,  i play these cuts) I’m an equal opportunity blogger . I like sharing some junk food on my blawg as well as nutritious organic no GM cuts.!  

Growing up,  my mom had  the best funk and soul records and  the radio in pittsburgh was pumping the philly sounds HARD  , but when top 40 disco hit my ears  thru the am radio with groups like Abba , I didn’t know I was missing the REAL ,PUMP YOUR ASS ON THE FLOOR STOMPIN CLUB DISCO HITS by Eddie Kendrix, NYC Peeach boys, the Aleems, Crown heights affair, Brainstorm,Sylvestor,etc…  I was 15 years too young for clubs, so when I saw someone with a  ’ disco sucks” iron-on t-shirt, I  probably agreed . At around the age 11, I was a regular at the roller rink  , everything changed and I fell in love with late 70’s hiphop where  I got my first taste of the best disco grooves because that’s what Sugar Hill  records was replaying if not sampling from ,for  artists like  Funky four plus one more , Sequins, Spoonie g,  Soul sonic force, anyhoo……I’m serving cheese at this blog party right now. - lady Kier 

thankyou “disco delivery” for posting this video.