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It took me 30 seconds to agree to DJ and sing again at Pussy Faggot again . It was a packed and incandescent night in nyc! Fav tune I played was by hillbilly Hazil Adkins ( once covered by the Cramps), which should tell you something about how freaky and openminded this quarterly event is.  Put together by Earl Dax with  Ben Pryor, Penny Arcade,Geo Black Peter, Max Steele, Joseph Keckler, Tyler Stone ,Coco ChizzleBradley Kal Hagan ,Christopher Stoddard ,Corey Dargel, Jesse Gold,Andrew Andrew,Bora YoonThe Dumpsta Players from Philly, FarradDynasty Handbag ,Krystal Something-Something ,  and too many others  to mention. -Lady Miss Kier 

read more about the man who made it happen in the NY Times :