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it stopped me in my trax  when I heard this on the radio in Pittsburgh… . I adored Jimi Castorbunch as a kid for his sense of humor mixed with relentless funk grooves and chord changes from another planet , when I heard “Bertha Butt” and “Hey Leroy…your’e mama’s calling you. ” he inspired P-funk , Rick james, and all the other funk bands including deee-lite. In my teens I fell in love with him all over again when “it’s just begun” was having a revival in NYC inspiring the no- wave sound of Nyc for bands like Liquid Liquid , Konk, and ESG  and again as a grownup when the rave scene pillaged his songs that later became rave anthems in the early breakbeat scene- like Troglodyte or songs by “the ga-gas’ . So sad we lost another funk legend! YOU never seemed to be  taking yourself seriously ,all the  while putting out SERIOUS classic trax. You made us dance and smile while doing it.  Your job is done…so  Rest now Jimi…  on a Big Bertha Butt Cloud in peace .  - lady Miss Kier