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i’m not sure about these….if art is meant to shock and terrify than these are important and def intriguing but i can’t help to think how i would respond …it would def ruin my day and make me feel pranked . this artist wants to be the most famous TROLL artist. what do you think? it scares me that most U.S. folks would just walk right on by without trying to help ( the more realistic looking sculptures). with no free mental healthcare we are conditioned in the U.S. to do that.walk on by. maybe that’s his point….but we see this everyday. the distraught, the lonely, the walking dead. maybe he/she’s from europe ? I do like the Macob …..but the world is so violent,lonely , and confused enough. it’s like the ONION. they were funny until i couldn’t tell the difference between the real news and them ( during bush propaganda overload years) You’d have to live in the U.S. to ¬†get what i’m talking about.-lady miss kier