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If we’re going to riot in the streets  atleast we should use google earth to find and climb over the walls of the gated communities of the banksters homes or BP’s and haliburtons CEOs homes, and rob them back, go Egypt on them.   I understand one young man with a gun ( all guns are illegal in the UK )   in Hackney ( where i  lived for 3 years )  was killed by a cop ,  but if the brits only knew how sensible and fair their police are compared to the U.S. (who dont weed out the bad cops ) 9 years of living in London and I only saw one bad cop abuse their power , where as in the US I’ve seen it hundreds of times  in LA, and NYC when I moved to the lower east side in 1982, crownheights in 1997, williamsburgh in 1984. An undercover cop put a gun to my head because he was blocking a one way street in an unidentified car and told me to “back the fuck up” ( my car) I finally backed up and gave him a healthy NY salute ( the middle finger) to which he left his mission and promptly turned on me. !!! But this riot is embarrassing because it’s so senseless …. … and in Vancouver…over a sports game result? .how embarrassing..rebels without a cause…in times when there is so much to actually REALLY riot for. .people acting out in idiot mobs for no reason ….however the girl who threw the first brick at a cop may have been an agent provacature ( my paranoid mind always at work.)  to make a real cause appear to be about  causing more senseless violence . why burn down a bus ? your public transport ? or throw bricks at fireman? i never underestimate the stupidity of an angry mob.  When i was mugged  in London it never occured  to me to call the cops but my friend convinced me to. I was shocked at how helpful and concerned behaved. When my house was robbed by the infamous thug who lived across the street from me on Romola road  in Tulse hill ,the cops left a nice note on my door . who you gonna call…ghostbusters? - Lady Kier