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I was wrong. Beyonce stole the most inspiring part of her show from a less famous,original AND contemporary GIRL currently trying to run the world in italy Lorella Cuccariniand. This biting is more than inspiration….the angel wings, the multiple busby berkly clones, the drums, the linnear shapes booted into motion,etc…..slamming the coffin lid and  putting Lorella’s act 6 feet under . it’s one thing to reach into the past for inspiration like I do ,  but many of todays artists like bouncy, gaga, madonna, rhiana, ke$ha build a career flat out stealing from their less famous contempoarys  struggling in the underground but taking  risks as artists. Before their feet hit the bottom step of the stage and  before they can ever get off the ground , someone with a mobile phone  spreads the infoand wa-la- the rip-off begins with a huge budget.  AND what’s worse is the record companys fund them for that EXACT reason because it’s already tried and true and feels familiar and safe. no risk. they’re selling mediocracy. ( will be their downfall)  The record company’s get nervous when faced with original ideas. it’s why they told dee-lite we were too weird to give tour support to or too gay sounding for any radio promotion or video funding. . they said ” but it dosn’t sound like anything on the radio so  it’s too risky to fund.” Who runs the world????  biters !  Who runs the world? thiefs  Who runs the world? rich kids.  Who runs the world?  copycats. Who runs the world?  those who rip off the tried and the truely inspiring.  NO RESPECT on this one BOUNCY. except for your hips.  yes she did do it better-  but that’s the easy part. I had heard that she’s ripped off Halo and irreplaceable but those songs were so corny i couldn’t bear to listen to the original inspiration - Big Fail for the academy who awarded her “ORIGINAL ARTIST” . this is the generation McDonna inspired to a tee. there are other cultures known for ripping off and bootlegging everything UNIQUE under the sun  -this is  our culture now so….. hide your looks, hide your hooks, hide your riffs, hide your lyrics-they be raping errybody out here.  - Lady Kier