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I was in Moscow for the 1st ever gay pride march in 2009 and it turned into a vicious riot. The crowd turned on the marchers who were getting beat down and the cops joined in to ‘help” beat up the courageous marchers as well.We were mortified. I’ve  performed in Russia 7 times ,both as a singer w/ gender bending dancers, and as a Deee-jay and have noticed that although many are obsessed with the U.S., they have a long way to go as a culture to understand the basics of democracy & business ethics- like paying their performers.( if i hadn’t have snatched the passport from 1 promotor -i would not have been paid at all for the 2 concerts I sang to celebrate gay pride in 2009. ) Of course, I’m not speaking about all of Russia,as there are many enlightened and talented artists and people as anywhere.  At first , I felt the Pussy Riot women were asking for a beat down by deciding to protest inside a church, but that’s coming from me, a person who grew up in the religious fanatical country ,the U.S.A., where i have literally been beat by the bible belt, had an exorcism attempt  performed on me at the age of 17, been locked in a birth control clinic by a reborn christian who told me I had the devil in me at the age of 14 in Pungo , Virginia  because i was no longer a virgin- one could conclude these Pussy Rioters  were “asking for it” by their church protest. Upon further thought, I remembered that churches had become recreation centers, like  YMCA’s during the USSR reign and so the right to worship in a re-converted church is fairly new. They don’t  have religious fanatics on our level ,such as prosperity preachers on TV ,filling auditoriums and preaching the concept - in a nut shell…”you are poor because you have not given enough money to the church” B.S. Now, I feel different after reading the mission statement upon the sentencing of these brave activists.Their enlightening statements are easy to google ,so I won’t post them here…but if you havn’t read them yet…i suggest you do as it is a fascinating insight into modern russia and the corruption and ignorance of P.U.tin.  I just want to say….I am proud of these women, disgusted with Putin, respectful of the hundreds of thousands of Russian people who protested this last x-mas eve ( I was there! ) about the voting fraud SHITuation in 2011 and 2012. Putin - the world is watching and we do not approve. - Lady Miss Kier 

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