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i raided my grandma Naomi’s record collection to find the sampled sounds for this song for our third and last deee-lite album ,released in 1994. Dmitry added the keys and together with Ani we added the beats . When it came out  a lot of people said it sounded like “Doop” , however we  were playing this on dance floors 2 years before “Doop” was released as we were also working on 14 other songs for the entire “Do-drop” album.I knew it would be a club floor hit because of the responses ,however  it never really did take off at the time- but I’m glad to see how it was a big influence and a cult record today-  2 decades later. The next video I post is the live version - the quality is low but I choreographed this together with chris “noodles” Styles  and we brought this new sound around the world in 94.  hope you enjoy-Lady Miss Kier 

this editing was put together by ASSNINJALOLO!  thanks!