Lady Blog

I get extra bitchy right before the red river flows…some call it “the curse” but i call it “using the force”, as before and after that time of the month ,I am too easy going and give people way too many chances after theyve done me wrong. most women are wayyy too complacent as well in general . While the red river flows, or just before , is the perfect time to ask for money from people who owe you , fire deadbeats who are overpaid, tell best friends the ugly truth noone else would dare say to their face, report your landlord to the housing authority for refusing to help with the bedbugs , let it be known which promotor didn’t pay you after a 7 city tour of europe, and my favorite activity- editing my lyrics and melodies or other art, as at that time , it really does seem like everything sucks and i can ditch bad ideas at the speed of lightning . there must be an evolutionary reason for this moodiness and “curse’, and i have a theory as to why…it’s because most women are often more forgiving, optimistic, patient and submissive for the other 3 1/2 weeks out of the month. How else would plans be put in motion if we didn’t have this amasing ability to stand up to bully’s and tell it like it is when the “force is with us” . a little menstrual madness can surely bring life gladness (afterwards).Let the force be with you- it’s there for a purpose-use it. pussy power! -lady Miss kier