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Hello! 1992…Billy Beyond, Fllyod and myself threw a fun nite called …”Hello”! a music policy  of breakbeats and jungle , house ,  hiphop  with rotating djs of   ani quinn, lil louie , frankie knuckles,dmitry,soul slinger, 8 ball, . each week had a different theme …the nightly ritual would abruptly stop the dance music to usher in the mascots with usually a dick hyman track. the themes changed each week from father time,  strawberry heads,ecology,etc and featuring  the talents of  original joshua Light show member, the  infamous Captain Whizzo (R.I.P.) who  tranformed the 3 room  club into a genuine psychedelic hall from the 60’s alongside dr. purple and his purple punch tickets to a thursday journey of approx 2000 people per nite. We only did 4 parties before we got bored with the business side and delved deeply back into music making..but it was fun while it lasted.- lady Miss Kier 

I was recently asked by the NYC NEW Museum  to participate in their current exhibit ,”RECALLING 1993”, that runs until May 26,

You can  hear stories from any pay phone in Manhattan by dialing 1-855-FOR-1993, but there are a few available on the project website,
This is another photo from the jeff koons Studio photo shoot in 1993 . -Lady miss Kier