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"get with the party happening people now’  - in 1992, i promoted a club nite with Billy Beyond and Floyd named "HELLO!" at webster hall. We were tired of the door & music policy at most clubs , so we started our own nite drawing 2000 people every thursday nite.. We only did 5 nites : Frankie knuckles and Lil louie vega keeping traditional  house in the middle ballroom, Jungle from DJ Ani and others  downstairs in the basement, and Dmitry mixing a fusion of house, techno, funk, rave and acid on the top ballroom…it was a success……we stopped because the owners  were underpaying us but it was a fun club that lasted longer than  the first night I started with Richard Alvarez at TRAX named Delovely. recently  Ross Photos  posted these pics he captured of me from that club nite… HELLO!- lady Miss Kier 

and thanks Ross Photos