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Germany bought the NY Stock Exchange for 10 billion dollars in feb. 2011.

the world is watching as cops throw nets and pepper spray the faces of peaceful protestors on NY’s wallstreet protest. Most of the 80 people arrested are journalists. 

 we want corporations to pay the taxes they owe ( currently they only pay 7% of what they owe.) we want billionairs to pay higher taxes not a lower % than middle class and lower class are paying, we are disgusted that banksters went ahead after the bailout and took their million dollar bonus’s while everyday people are being kicked to the curb for not reading the fine print  on their loans, want accountablity on how our tax money is being spent, accoutablity  for corporations that pollute our planet and dont clean up. Maybe since the USA sold 60% of the NY stock market last spring it  makes us feel even less human in the face of  billionaire corp shareholders. Each day more people show up. PEOPLE POWER worked in Egypt and Wisconson. I’m so proud of NYer’s that we havn’t given up on people power. thru hail, sleet , or rain….we are letting them know WE ARE HERE.     hmmm….will  Deutsche Borse  sell the NY/ German stock exchange to China?  I wonder ?   but besides that point , NYr’s are letting the world know The buck stops here. We are well aware this greed and bailout plan  started waaaaayyy  before Obama was voted into power  and we’re not happy about dumping  the blame  on him either. The blind  can see . the mute are speaking .