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From Dayton ,Ohio, Steve Arrington brought us many legendary yet  underrated dance classics.   This is just one of many  from after  he was with Slave. Classics like  ”watching you” , “dancin in the key of life, “just a touch of love ” ,weak at the knees, way out, and many more spun the crowd into a funk frenzy of smiles and joyful  dips at the knees . Dj spinna rocked the crowd leading up to this inspirational show blending and editing funk the way only he can. . Arrrington’s voice sounded stronger than ever and when he hit  the high notes with his Unique voice everybody screamed. Then he got on the drums and showed us a groove so tite and familiar  , i had to scan my brain for classic hip hop jams that sampled that same groove . Big shout out to dam -Funk and the new collab together that was performed. and big thanks to CX  Kid Tronic for the heads up about the his labelmate on  Stonesthrow which will be releasing both new albums from Arrington and CX Kid tronic.  great night out! I expect to seee this show on tour soon- he’s too talented not to spread that love around.  - lady Kier