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 Friday I got a spontaneous call from 1 of my musical heros,Don Blackman,who said “are you ready to go on air in 5 minutes” . I was surprised and thrilled as I had already been listening to his new weekly internet radio station and play his dancefloor hits regularly in my sets .Don is a prolific writer,singer,key player, and his down to earth nature keeps him in touch with the hundreds of talented people  he’s worked with ,some of whom were guests in the same show such as  Mr. Bashiri Johnson, well known for being Michael Jackson’s percussionist ,as well as Film director, poet,cool cat, Melvan Van Peebles ( catch his new act named “laxative” @ Zebulon) ,Omar Hakim,drummer for Sting,Trio of Oz,etc….check him out.       go to Donny’s music lounge and you can hear all the shows.