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For Deee-lites second show , I hired Captain Whizzo ( Joshua Light show -hendrix , janis Joplen ,Sly Stone,etc…..) t project his superb oil and water liquid multimedia show . I wasn’t just a fan of  Whizzo , he was the perfect  way to cover up how nervous I was singing in public , because I was in the dark and let his show do the work .  Fortunatly I got over stage fright after a couple of gigs with Bootsy’s rubber band  backing me up . Whizzo had a hippie habit of showing up at our williamsburg apt ( this was in 1987)  about 3 days before the gig saying ” can i crash here until the gig? ” . his fingers were always purple from the Inks. he was a huge man who could carry all his own gear ( huge overhead projectors that looked like a big table and smaller 16” projectors  and slide shows . gear from the 50’s and  he’d carry them up 6 flights to our flat . he was too paranoid to have an assistant ( all that acid i suppose) but the warmest person with a huge heart. This performance is before towa was in the group  and was performed  at the legendary pyramid club . Both  songs “I won’t give up”  and “electric shock” ( subconsciously written about the internet) were on the second album INFINITY WITHIN.   We worked with Capt. Whizzo for approx 4 years. We couldn’t take him on the road when we blew up because his equipment was not transportable . a shame.  Capt. Whizzo -still in my heart- R.I.P. - Lady Miss Kier  

filmed by Nelson Sullivan R.I.P.