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do you believe in ghosts? I’m in love with the mystery=?. But when I took this picture & then Salvatore died not long after …the question mark grew larger and larger ,especially when you look at the hands wrapped around us. Salvatore was a master shoe designer for MUGLER  and died way too young. we lost a real talent here. this is cosmic and def not photoshopped. I can not explain it and dont feel the need to, as I said, I’m in love with the mystery.  I will post some more photos of more shoes that Manfred ,generously gave me that Salvatore constructed-but here is one- a “one of a kind” perfected  shoe that’s straps wrap around the ankle from Salvatore and Mugler circa 1991               -Lady miss Kier      

p.s. this was a long time ago…if your’e wondering what I am doing these days ….among producing, engineering, and writing for my own record label…i also dj -check me out:

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