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Buffalo girls round the outside  round the outside  - dough si dough your partner -

FAVORITE  TRACK of the night: “You and I” by Buffalo’s own Rick James.

 my recent dj gig in buffalo brought memories of visiting the talented and  tragic Baby Gregor R.I.P. way back  when Baby was living life’s every moment on the farthest edge possible. cracking thru  and sucking the marrow out of every bone . Shim was  an astonishingly talented artist , hopeless junkie and Jean Michel Basquaat (sp) con artist . While he was living back in  buffalo  , or a.k.a. a ghetto re-hab , I drove up from NYC  for a visit and  felt strangely  at home  walking along  buffalo’s  streets with him  as it was also a  steel city like the cities i grew up in Youngstown and Pittsburgh. Baby  called me late one night with exciting news about how he had just met and  started a band with Rick James named Purple Hippopotamus after an NA meeting . This was approx.1985, I never heard about that project again….time goes by…there is deception too steep to come back from …I am crossing the street to the other side when i see him coming…., he did sell a ” basquiat” he whipped up one krafternoon fetching  himself  80,000$ from basqiatsts  dealer. it worked the first time. the second time he tried it the art dealer noticed the paint was still wet!!!

Benefit for: NETO HATINAKWE ONKWEHOWE translates to ” here lives the people” an organization that promotes life of  the native culture and artists and history of six Iroquois Nations formed  in Buffalo in 1922 .  to donate -visit: