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Bernadette Cooper’s songwriting  & production have always kept me under “Lock N Key” while boldly reminding  that  ”Divas need love too”  as she’s unashamed to be “Sexy” , makes “The men all pause”… twas she  who said “somebody slap me …I am Fericious …OK !!! ” then…….We’ve got a meeting in the ladies room ”  I heard she tore up NYC last week..if i had been in town  , I would have been front & center.  But from the looks of these photos & knowing her catalogue , she tore the roof off and turned the sucker out. As a deejay,  I rely on her songs as regular staples to pump the dancefloor and as a music lover I can count on her to put a smile on my face with her luscious chord changes and sassy lyrics.  Her show is a lift up of no ordinary realm or dimension but an  experience of a goddess of the highest order.  I will not miss their next east coast date…Lady Miss Kier 

.photo’s by Deadra Bryant.  here’s some of my favorite KLYMAXX songs : 

Lock N Key:


Divas need Love Too: