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Beauty is embarrassing- Wayne White….Painter, illlustrator, Animator, peewee’s playhouse characters and there’s nothing he won’t create. Years ago on 2nd avenue and 4th st. in  nyc , he was a regular , at a Jamaican restaurant  I was a waitressing  at named Sugar reef  ,having no idea , my buddy,   was designing Chairry, Clockey,and creating the voices  and puppets for groovester Dirty Dog,flower number 3,and Randy and other puppets that lived in the fridge  for PEEWEES PLAYHOUSE . Always humble, he had a great sense of humor and all around terrific guy. He’s done many videos and a  some psychedelic commercials and “Rider’s in the Sky”,Bill and Willis , Beakman’s World, circle, She’s got issue’s,and the wonderful documentary BEAUTY IS EVERYTHING.  Wayne White won  3 emmys for pee sees playhouse and made that .very rememberable smashing pumpkins video . his art is nurtured by his lovely wife and family . These paintings are so profound and he’s truly one of the great the pop artists of our time  . I love to see his progression of this wildly diverse and genuine artist .  …  -  lady miss kier