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Avant Guard theatrical producer, David Binder talks about the new festival revolution as the U.K.’s Guardian recommends his talk as being one of the most inspiring of all Ted Talks. i agree. Ideas of  audience participation and all inclusiveness brings me back to an era when the Cocketts would bumrush an old movie house and perform a free show including sylvestors unique voice, or when the merry pranksters would encourage crowd members to fly or crowd surf as it’s known today before  trusting a crowd to catch you was a concert cliche , or when the early Rainbow family would appear at the Eugene town square offering free cake to the local farmers who hadn’t welcomed their communal lifestyle  into  their small farming town 35 years ago. Although I may seem to be reminiscing nostalgic about hippie spirit and concepts, David Binder is very much a man of today, producing De la guarda, The vagina monologues, Hedgewig and the angry inch, A raison in the sun,etc…he is inspired and inspiring the world in a way that is very NOW! listen up and see if he dosn’t make you smile and get involved.  -lady Miss Kier