Lady Blog

And Rollerskate…rollerskate….  When I was 12 years old I would demand my grandma Naomi would drive me and my little spanky gang to the rollerskating rink every saturday. The DJ ” Mr. Crysteltones ” who was like a white  Don Cornelious would play roller boogie disco as the more mature skaters would whizz by in their rainbow  suspenders and sequin beret’s flexing disco skate moves that are etched in my mind to this day . Off in the distance we could hear the sound of pinball machines pinging and popping . My favorite part of saturdays  was towards the end when the colorful disco lights would dim to near darkness  except  one spot light on the disco ball creating that diamond galaxy of light spinning  thru the whole joint as Deeejay Crystaltones would get on the mike and say ” now it’s time for couples skate”. everyone would look around and see if anyone was looking at them. sometimes we’d just watch the tweenage couples and daydream from the sides and other times i’d grab my little girlfriends hand and we’d skate together pretending to be a ‘real “couple  , but  one thing was sure ….he’d play the slow jammies like “strawberry letter 23”  or 10 cc’s “I’m not in love”  and I’d get chills  thinking about love. This is one of those songs and if it was around at the time - it would have been a  couples roller jam. Sometimes when I dj- especially  if i get a 5 hour  set - I break it down and announce in my best Crystaltones impression ” this is a couples jam,  couples to the dancefloor” Happy valentines- Lady Kier