Lady Blog

22 years ago I had been auditioning background  singers all day and at the end of the day ,last minute , Zhana Saunders appeared at the door! Her almond shaped eyes and smile made me think of a nubian princess. After hearing her sing for 1 minute , I hired her on the spot to join our WORLD CLIQUE  world tour with Bootsy, Bernie Worrell, Mike “Kid Funkadelic”  Hampton, Trey Stone, Barbara Tucker , Robin Lobe , and Dmitry ( i’ll have to fill in the drummers  last name later but Roger  was steady ,always ready and  kicked butt )   so it was wonderful to have a  mini - reunion  at Bootsy’s show last wed at BBKings with Zhananananana, especially as Bernie Worrell was the unexpected  special guest of honor. I was happy to meet the lead and backup singers in the new lineup  cause they could really blow  and run into P-funk’s  Razor Sharp, Frankie “Kash” Waddy ,and witness the talented band he put together. I missed hearing Mudbone,Peanut, and Blackbyrd…but all in all, it was tight and that’s alright. Zhana- keep making the world laugh , as your sense of humor is hilarious !!!!!- Lady Miss Kier