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1993..maybe ‘92 …..I arrived at Jeff Koons studio anticipating the kitschy humellene figurines to come alive and dance or something, knowing  his Banality series of sculptures were currently on display there,ans as art director,  i had requested  our next press shoot  to be at Koon’s studio . When I arrived , no one else had arrived yet, and  he took me by surprise when he asked me if i’d like to see his new works of chicholilina  which had not been shown yet ….I was unaware of her backround as a pornstar and politician or that these new works were   some  twisted  pop art pornography.  i let him escort me me thru the  exhibit of what seemed to be the largest  paintings i’ve ever seen of a clitoris after clitoris  . as we came to the penetrating   butteffing piece of him and  his wife , he asked me how i felt about it …the tour became aaaawwwwkkkkwwwaaarrrdddd.I’m not sure what I answered . i sort of  just blushed and looked at the ground. probably giggled like an idiot.  i respect his art but he took me by surprise and he knew it. . i ran back to the popples and he dissapeared  in a whirl as  the hair and makeup artist’s   arrived and we took the photos. i saw him years later in London as they honored his outstanding red balloon dog and i was still speechless. some people can put you in a trance that only  a pimp has skills to do.  . He is still one of my all time favorite artists from a distance. -lady miss Kier

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