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Three-fifths of Milwaukee's black voters have vanished without a trace.



The voter purges have resulted in roughly 60% of black voters in that city no longer being registered. That’s 41% of the city’s total votes in 2008. Some perspective on it from reddit user BiscuitCrisps:

You know, back when I lived in a majority-black voter ward, I got purged from the voter rollsevery single year. And every year, I had to trudge back to the registrar of voters, and show them a driver’s license and two months of utility bills to prove that I still lived where I was registered. It’s why I didn’t vote from 1999-2001. I just got sick of re-proving my residence over and over.

My first reaction was: “Fucking incompetent bureaucratic machine”

Then, I moved to a majority-white voter ward … I registeredonce. I haven’t been purged once in the past seven years.

I used to say: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.

I’m now inclined to chalk the purging up to malice.

This whole thing is fucked.

Anyone in Milwaukee, or even just Wisconsin in general? Yeah, this is kinda important to know, like, right now.

You also might want to check if you were affected. And if you were, re-register. (I have that thing at the top of my blog that lets you re-register.)